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Welcome to Gooder Than A Mug, where we pour love and passion into hand-crafting our all natural spice blends. We strategically combine the freshest ingredients, without any preservatives or additives, for optimal taste. You’ll love the bold, distinct flavors that our spice blends add to any dish. Give us a try, and you'll never go back to using store-bought spices again!

Chef Sonny

I am passionate about exploring different cuisines and flavors. I believe in the power of fresh ingredients, particularly vegetables and herbs, to create delightful culinary experiences. At Gooder Than A Mug, we specialize in handcrafting seasoning blends using only fresh and natural ingredients, with a focus on reducing sodium levels. Each ingredient is carefully selected and added with love and passion, resulting in a flavor masterpiece. Explore the website to discover a world of delicious and healthier seasoning options.


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