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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m Chef Sonny; a currently serving US Army Veteran born in Germany and raised pretty much in Mississippi. I was a military brat and have lived in several different states which is probably how I developed a diverse pallet for all types cuisines.

You’re here because you’re like me.... you love food! That makes us family so, COUSINS! What up tho!! In these blogs I’m gonna be sharing some of my personal recipes that I love to whip up using my Gooder Than A Mug seasonings. So if you’re confused on what to use them on, don’t even trip. I got you! Just follow along and take advantage of the kitchen cheat codes revealed so that you can make top notch meals for your friends and family. If you try one of my recipes, you know I wanna hear how it worked out for y’all, cuzzos! So leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

Blogs will be posted weekly, and who knows; there may some discounts that will only be mentioned here sometimes! So let’s all get together and talk and relate to that thang that bring us all together; food!

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