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Middle Finger to the Other Wing Restaurants!

Those who know me personally know that I love some damn wangz! They're so good to me that I can't just call them "wings". I gotta put some stank on it when I refer to one of my favorite foods. I feel like it's almost impossible to mess them up unless you under or overcook them. What you season them with is your business as long as you're using the Gooder Than A Mug Seasonings. I have a really easy want recipe for you. This one is one of my favorites; Smoked Lemon Pepper Wangz. I have a Spicy Lemon Pepper Wangz recipe on my YouTube channel as well. You should go and check that one out when you can. This recipe will make you flip the bird to all the other "wing" restaurants. I call them wing restaurants because they definitely ain't #goooderthanamug so they can't be "wangz!" Anyway, you need these seasonings. You need this recipe. You need these wangz, mane! I mean Super Bowl LV is right around the corner. What are you gonna do? Eat some bland ass, boring and mundane wings and not be satisfied? No! You're gonna treat yourself! You deserve great tasting wangz! Let them wangz be blessed with banging flavor! Get the ingredients and recipe below.


1 lb fresh chicken wings (We don't use that frozen bs)

Pinch of salt

Drizzle of olive oil

GTAM Smoked Lemon Pepper Seasoning


  1. Start off by thoroughly washing your chicken wangz to remove any impurities.

  2. Pat them dry. Hit 'em with a pinch of salt. Tumble to combine.

  3. Drizzle a dash of olive oil in the air fryer to keep the wangz from sticking.

  4. Arrange the wangz in the air fryer in a single layer. It's cool if they touch. Just don't let them junts lay on top of one another.

  5. Set the temp on your air fryer to 400 degrees and timer for 20 minutes.

  6. Cook them for 10 minutes then flip them over. Then cook 'em for the remaining 10 minutes. (Cooking times may vary depending on the size of your wangz.)

  7. Remove the wangz from the air fryer and immediately bless them with the GTAM Smoked Lemon Pepper Seasoning. Season it 'til you feel good.

  8. Toss the wangz to thoroughly coat with the seasoning and serve 'em up hot!

Note: The wangz should be crispy and golden brown when they're done cooking. If they are not, put them back in the air fryer for additional increments of 5 - 7 minutes at a time. Just don't over cook them! No one likes dried ass wangz!

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